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                Hot search: Tissue Culture Seedlings  Small potted plants  Saplings 
                About us
                Guangzhou Jinhai Lvyi Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd,established in 2003, specialized in flower and plant seedling, small potted plant, seed & seed ball, agricultural products(imported peat moss, coco peat, fertilizer, pesticide and garden equipment) and technical services,etc. We have been committed to research and development, production, sales and service. We have a team of 120 employees, the company is about 4335 square meters in area. 
                Know more about us...
                • Our company was invited to attend 2015 SCAU Agricu
                • Jinhai Lvyi 2014 annual summary and planning in 20
                • New year is coming,Jinhai Lvyi starts its new jour
                • Holland flower company representative Mr Kees came
                • Jinhai Lvyi was invited to attend Guangzhou Flower
                • Jinhai Lvyi relocated to achieve enterprise updati
                • Openning up the old photoes of Jinhai Lvyi
                • Ukrainian client came to visit us.
                Sales area
                Lvyi Scene
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